Basswood - medium density, highly stable, closed grain hardwood, clear to cinnamon in color

Bifold - panels that hinge together and fold into themselves Bipass - panels that run on separate tracks and pass by each other

Bird - a common type of detail often used for hanging strips and panel designs

Button/Scribe - a finishing piece of molding often used to trim out a shutter's framework

Bullnose - a rounded type of framing detail

Chamfer - a "V" shaped cut along the edge of two boards

Divider Rail - a horizontal section of wood that divides a panel into two separate operational parts (louvres only)

Double Hung - a shutter that has been built with two separately operating top and bottom sections (louvres and panels)

Finger Joint - a joint used to produce long lumber from many smaller pieces of lumber

Frame - the structural portion (hanging strips) of a shutter that actually attaches to the walls of the house

Inside Mount - an installation inside the plane of the window

Louvre - the moveable portion of the shutter panel that regulates the amount of view and light (slats)

Mortise - meeting stiles of higher quality panels, the routed part of a panel that accommodates the hinges

Ogee - an "S" type of framing detail

Outside Mount - an installation outside the plane of the window opening, typically .5 inch around the window on the wall itself

Pass through - an opening between two rooms

Poplar - extremely dense, unstable, multicolored hardwood

Rabbit - the overlapping portion of a shutter panel

Rail - horizontal structural portion of the shutter panel (sides)

Rake Top - an angled top window - often slopes with the angle of the roof of the home.

Raised Panel - a portion of a shutter panel that has been made solid to look like a door panel

Stile - vertical structural portion of shutter panel (sides)

Sunburst - an arched shutter with louvres that taper from a center point outward; cresting a sunburst type of appearance

Tilted - mechanism used to adjust louvre position


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