Frame Styles

Four distinctly different framing options are available for the shutter mounted outside the window frame.

The Detailed Molding - the industry standard

The Bullnose - this frame has evolved from the bullnose edge drywall so prevalent in todays homes.

The California - an understated, yet elegant molding

The Ogee - an ornate frame style for the true wood lover.

Next are the 'Inside' and 'Z' frames.

There is the Standard frame typically used in pass-thru and wood encased openings.

There is also two 'Z' frames which are available in Standard and Bullnose styles. These frames are used when inside only doesn't work, but keeping the panels as close to the plane of the wall is important. In all cases however, when mounting a shutter inside the window frame, a significant amount of light and view will be sacrificed.

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