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Bayside Shutters is a local (Southern California) supplier of the highest quality custom wood shutters made. We are unlike the giants of the industry, who struggle to control the quality of their products due mostly to sheer volume and unlike the smaller rouge companies that keep their pricing down by eliminating the essentials like quality materials, insurance, and proper licensing.

To assure unsurpassed, consistent quality, and provide the best value (price vs. quality), Bayside Shutters keeps repair costs down by minimizing mistakes, assures the long term product beauty and durability by using only the best materials and employs skilled, caring, and knowledgeable individuals to produce and install our products.

In addition to this, Bayside Shutters is proud of the spotless record with the State Board of Contractors (contractor since 1989). We are a California trademarked company and have all the proper licensing and insurance required by all local and state agencies.

At Bayside Shutters, we know there is a market for the BEST products made - We intend to be the provider to that market.



Company Profile
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